Manifest, No Luck Needed Jade Bracelet

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Jade is the stone of luck, harmony, money, healing, and especially manifesting. Jade has been used throughout cultures as a tier of its properties. If you seek the you seek the abundant properties of crystal all day everyday wearing crystal bracelets allow you to do so. 
-100% Natural, untreated

-100% Authentic Jade 

-Add measurements for custom wrist sizing 

- 7.5 in to 8 in is the standard bracelet size 

Each bracelet is made with authentic Nephrite Jade by hand.  Each jade bead is 12 mm and solid stone all the way through. Nephrite uniqueness is displayed in the variations of deep forest greens, the quality of the stone, and the demand it has. Nephrite jade is the creme de la creme of jades.