“Creative Sh*t” tote bag

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-Hand painted by the artist 

-Hand embroidered by the artist

-Great for the beach, fashion, art supplies, and everyday.

-Durable large bag and thick straps

-Signed by the artist and includes authentication card 

-This NOT just a tote bag, this is an ART PIECE 

When you purchase your "Creative Sh*t" tote bag remember you now own one of a few hand curated work pieces from an artist, Adrena Mone. 

The “Creative Sh*t” tote bag is an art piece meant to be warn by the creatives for the creatives. It’s a representation of Adrena Moné’s art style and expression, especially the brand. Here’s a token of appreciation for all the creatives because we are all creations of the most high creator, therefore making us creative as sh*t.