Chakra Chain

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The Chakra chain is for the spiritual baddies that want their chakra energy centers aligned. Each link on the chain is a crystal correlating with the right chakra in order. The chain was intentionally made in the order the chakras aligned naturally from the Root Chakra of support to the Crown chakra of divine intuition.

-16 inch chain/choker 

-Gold plated wire

-raw crystals 


Properties of Wearing: 


The Crystals on the "Chakra Chain": 

bottom to top

Root Chakra (red) red agate 

     -the stone of security, stability, and success  

Sacral Chakra (orange) orange quartz

      -the stone of working on inner self, 

Solar Plexus  Chakra (yellow) citrine 

      -the stone of creativity 

Heart Chakra (green) African jade

       -the stone of abundance, acceptance 

Throat Chakra (blue) lapis lazuli 

       -the stone of self-awareness,-knowledge 

Third Eye Chakra (indigo/ purple/blue) Lapis lazuli/ Amethyst 

       -the stone of intuition 

Crown Chakra (purple/clear) Amethyst/ quartz 

       -the stone of consciousness, spirituality 

Your Guide to Wearing the "Chakra Chain'' :

To keep the quality of the jewelry avoid excess exposure to water and oils. To clear the crystals put the chain in the sunlight. To clean the jewelry gentle wipe it down using a microfiber cloth.